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Your Board-Certified Urologist in Livonia, MI

Other Treatments

Welcome to Harb Urology, where Dr. John Harb and his team of urology experts provide advanced treatments for a wide range of urological conditions, including laser prostate surgery, vasectomy and reversal, reconstructive urethral surgery, cryotherapy for prostate cancer, and more.

As a board-certified urologist with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Harb is dedicated to providing personalized care and the latest techniques to help you achieve optimal urological health. If you’re looking for a trusted urology clinic in Livonia, MI, Harb Urology is here to help.


Penile Implant

Laser Prostate Surgery

Experience cutting-edge laser prostate surgery at Harb Urology, led by Dr. John Harb, a seasoned urologist. This minimally invasive procedure effectively treats prostate conditions with precision and minimal discomfort, ensuring a quicker recovery and improved quality of life.

Vasectomy and Reversal

At Harb Urology, our specialized vasectomy and reversal procedures, performed by Dr. John Harb, offer reliable solutions for family planning. Whether considering permanent contraception or reversal options, trust in our expertise and compassionate care to guide you through these important decisions.

Reconstructive Urethral Surgery

Harb Urology provides advanced reconstructive urethra repair surgery under the expert hands of Dr. John Harb. Our tailored surgical approaches aim to restore urinary function and improve quality of life for patients facing urethral challenges.


Explore the benefits of cryotherapy at Harb Urology, where Dr. John Harb leads innovative treatments using freezing techniques to target and treat prostate cancer and other urological conditions. With a focus on precision and patient comfort, cryotherapy benefits offer effective solutions with minimal invasiveness and rapid recovery times.

Dr. John Harb: Leading the Field in Urology

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