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Expert Sexual Dysfunction Therapy in Livonia

Sexual Dysfunction

Harb Urology in Livonia, MI, led by the esteemed Dr. John Harb, offers a comprehensive approach to treating sexual dysfunction in both men and women. With Dr. Harb's board certification and over two decades of experience, patients receive timely and compassionate care that prioritizes their well-being.

Known for treating every individual like family, Dr. Harb and his expert team understand the sensitive nature of sexual health concerns and provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's needs. At Harb Urology, we are dedicated to restoring confidence and intimacy through advanced care and a supportive environment.

Trust Dr. John Harb and his caring team at Harb Urology to address your sexual health concerns with expertise and empathy.


Man Suffering from Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Near You

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment for Men & Women

Sexual dysfunction can be a challenging issue, but at Harb Urology, we offer advanced treatments to help both men and women regain their intimacy and confidence. Some of the most common conditions we see include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection in men.
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction: Including lack of desire, arousal difficulties, or pain during intercourse.

Dr. Harb offers a number of innovative treatment options, including:

  • Medication Therapy: Prescription drugs to enhance sexual function.
  • Lifestyle Modifications: Including exercise, diet, and stress management.
  • Penile Prosthesis: Surgical insertion of a device to aid in achieving erections.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: Minimally invasive procedure for certain underlying causes of sexual dysfunction.

Experience personalized care and effective solutions for sexual dysfunction at Harb Urology, where we are dedicated to restoring your sexual health and overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common sexual dysfunction causes?

Common causes of sexual dysfunction can include physical issues like hormonal imbalances, medical conditions, or side effects of medications, as well as psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or relationship problems. It's important to consult with a healthcare provider for a proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Can you help me with erectile dysfunction prevention as well as treatment?

Yes, Dr. Harb and the team at Harb Urology can provide guidance on both prevention and treatment for erectile dysfunction. We will work with you to identify any potential risk factors and develop a customized plan to help maintain healthy sexual function.

Can Dr. Harb prescribe erectile dysfunction medication?

Yes! As a licensed urologist, Dr. Harb has the authority to prescribe erectile dysfunction medication if it is deemed appropriate for your individual situation. He will also monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the best results. However, prescription medication is just one aspect of treatment and we always focus on addressing the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction for long-term success.

How can I get started with the best urology clinic near me?

It’s easy to schedule an appointment with Dr. Harb. Just use our online scheduling tool and select the date and time that works best for you. Dr. Harb’s team will reach out to schedule you as soon as possible.

Dr. John Harb: Leading the Field in Urology

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