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Patient Testimonials

A Doctor with high integrity.  Would highly recommend to friends and family.  Dr. Harb sits with you and discusses all options.  He does not want to rush.  I had switched many doctors in the past years but I will always have Dr. Harb as my urologist.

Greg - June 22, 2017

Source: Healthgrades

An amazing Doctor that I recommend to everyone. Extremely knowledgeable

Jeff H. in Flint, MI - January 26, 2107

Source: Healthgrades

I'm very thankful Dr. Harb took the time with me!  Together we'll get things working.  Very good doctor!!

Dorothy - Detroit, MI - May 23, 2017

Source: Healthgrades

Really good.  A true pro.  Top of the line will be my new urologist hands down great job

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Source: Zocdoc

Very nice doctor and staff, Dr. Harb explained everything in details and gave me some brochures to read about my diagnosis. He even told me I can reach him any time and that he is there for me. Highly recommend.

Tom in Livonia, MI - March 31, 2017

Source: Healthgrades

He was very professional and very helpful. Would definitely go back to see him again.

Robert J., verified patient

Source: Zocdoc

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